Welcoming a New Puppy at your Home

another puppyAnother puppy will soon arrive in your new home and will need many things you need to acquire or prepare in advance so that he lacks nothing for his arrival.

A bowl of water and a bowl for food
Regarding the bowls, choose from the solid material as it may be that your puppy mistreats its new accessories. Depending on the size of your dog, the weight of the bowl will be important. Indeed, too light a bowl can overturn the first licks if your puppy is big rig.
You’ll need to adjust the height of your bowls depending on the size of your pet and shape depending on the length of his ears.
Remember, your puppy will need ongoing fresh water available and easily accessible.

A leash and collar
Prefer a nylon collar for resistance, ease of cleaning and hypoallergenic side. Do not be afraid to take the next size up because your dog will quickly grow and your necklace may be too small quickly.

To effectively choose the correct size for the size of your puppy, measure his neck at the widest point. If you can go try the collar with your puppy to make sure he did not squeeze too much and he will not risk hurting him at the same time.
As regards the choice of the leash, once again choose the nylon. We do not recommend leashes rollable because they allow you to teach your dog to walk properly and moreover, they are also  source of many accidents.
At first outputs leash, your puppy will try to chew. You must formally prohibit this practice because it leaves it is an extension of your hand. For the walks are not hell at each output, you also need to teach your puppy not to pull. To do so whenever he pulls too hard, you give a little yank back on the leash to bring it close to you .

A sleeping place for your puppy

Find  a quiet place where your pet can  sleep. Avoid noisy places or passageways. Your dog should have his place where he can rest peacefully without being disturbed constantly. Tell your children that it is his resting place and is out of the question to go disturb him when he is in his basket.

Do not place his bunk for the hierarchical appearance nor in the corner for the same reasons. Indeed, by placing it in a corner, your puppy can control all your moves and feel in a strong position.
The first few nights, your puppy may cry. Will not take him in your arms, it will only strengthen his discomfort. You must ignore it and within days he gets used to his new home.

A carrying case for your dog

You will be frequently carrying your dog inside your car  to the vet or to go for a walk. And a dog will be safe in your vehicle and in addition, his place will be clearly defined.
Elements that are so essential to his education, his awakening, strengthening your complicity, toys must be of good quality. Early in its existence, your puppy finds each object and can destroy the nibbling. Banish foam toys to prevent choking hazard toys and favor strong, durable rubber.

The child barrier
If you do not want your puppy to explore all the rooms and do stupid things during your absence, your best bet is to invest in a child barrier.

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